Angus was diagnosed with a thalamic pilocytic astrocytoma (slow growing brain tumour) in September 2016, aged 10. He had successful surgery to partially remove his tumour and continues on a surveillance programme to monitor both the tumour and its effects. Having led a very active life before surgery, being a keen rugby player and sailor amongst other sports, Angus was desperate to regain his strength and fitness, but he was battling extreme tiredness and rapid weight gain post-surgery, which at times was debilitating and stopping him from doing the things he loved.

Angus’s Consultant Paediatric Oncologist referred him to Kate Gatehouse, the Physiotherapist for Robbie’s Rehab, who worked miracles with Angus in just a few months. Kate set up a personalised training programme for Angus, recommending exercises to strengthen his muscles, improve his muscle length and keep his joints flexible. We visited Kate at the hospital for an assessment and she gave us a programme of exercises for Angus to do at home, and subsequently, Kate visited Angus at home to chart his progress.

Kate’s enthusiasm, advice and support gave us great confidence in helping Angus exercise safely and get back to the sporting activities he enjoys so much. It’s had an incredibly positive impact on Angus’s recovery and it’s hugely reassuring to know that Robbie’s Rehab exists to support other children, like Angus, and their families.

“Jack’s Mum says: We are so grateful to Robbie’s Rehab. It is going to help Jack so much, help him to have a normal life and be like his friends again”.
“Robbie’s Rehab was there to listen and was always supportive. They helped chase up what was needed for us so we could go home and we felt more confident about going home after seeing them”

“Fantastic service both physio and cognitive assessment – they are both essential for getting school help and now we know what to look out for in years to come”

“Great for encouragement and confidence also an introduction to equipment and teaching physical exercise to youngsters. All staff always pleasant, kind and encouraging”.

This is an amazing charity that provides professional help that children post brain tumour still need”.

“Robbie’s Rehab helped me to ride a 2 wheel bike and feel free again”

“Robbie’s Rehab helped me with my balance, overall fitness skipping running and I’ve started rugby again!”

“It has been great to have the insight and expertise from Robbie’s Rehab in interpreting the cognitive assessment in a meaningful way. It helped me to explain things better to the family and school and give the real life examples of how to support X” (psychologist)

“It was great to have the opportunity to discuss Y’s ongoing support needs and put together a support plan to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for them” (teacher)

“The addition of Robbie’s rehab has been transformative to the care of the children with brain tumours and I am excited to see the project move to the next level. I am proud to be associated with this amazing service” (Consultant Neurosurgeon)