Role of Robbie’s Rehab

Robbie’s Rehab was launched in June, 2017, to provide rehabilitation for children diagnosed with brain and spinal tumours under the care of Southampton Childrens Hospital neuro-oncology team. The service enjoys charity-status and 100% of money raised goes directly to its funding.

Robbie’s Rehab was formed to fill an important need identified by doctors and nurses who treat children with brain tumours:

It is very positive news that children with significant problems after treatment can access the established inpatient paediatric neuro-rehabilitation service provided by the NHS at Southampton Children’s Hospital. Here, the rehabilitation can be delivered alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy or as as standalone treatment. However this service is only available to the children whilst they are in hospital. When they are discharged home – and arguably at their most vulnerable – there is no budget within the NHS for their further rehabilitation. It stops.

This is where Robbie’s Rehab comes in. Robbie’s Rehab treats children after their inpatient rehabilitation ceases on the day they are discharged from hospital. As an outpatient and at-home service, Robbie’s Rehab ensures that treatment continues and further vital rehabilitation is delivered to the children as they fight to get back to their old selves. The service is, like the NHS, entirely free at the point of delivery thanks to the generosity of donors to Robbie’s.