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Writing to you with shakiness in the legs!

26.2 + 26.2 +26.2 or 126 km

Mark and John are running 3 marathons in One Day on 20th/21st June.

Dear All,

Do you know that feeling when you’ve said you’ll do something and then, later, you wish you hadn’t said it? And said it SO LOUDLY?

Well I did it again. I said – back at Christmas time, “Oh yes – I’ll be running 3 marathons in one day for Robbie’s Rehab!” Blimey have I regretted that what with planning for mine and Floss’s wedding and the good old lockdown. However: once you’re committed you’ve got to just say; “LET’S JUST *&%$#@# DO IT!”

So welcome to the BLOG for Robbie’s RUBICON – Mark and John’s crazy run for Robbie’s Rehab – helping the NHS help kids with brain tumours. Please take 5 minutes to read it – later BLOG entires will be short!

RUBICON definition:

Rubicon (roo-bik-on) cross the Rubicon to commit oneself to a course of action which cannot be altered.

Sadly the long-suffering charity superhuman Harry is away doing far more important things in his new job but I am more than super-chuffed to say that John Vasey, the veteran of many ultra-runs, will be joining me on this short (well….. in terms of time!) but challenging expedition. More about JV during the upcoming BLOG entries but suffice to say that he is a very experienced ultra runner and all-round top man. A veteran of many crazy expeditions, John has done just about everything ….. except run with me! Yes – it’s true. Due to the pandemic, we’ve been unable to execute the training plan that we wanted to. However, this Saturday – and with a month to go until the main event – we will run together for the first time ever and are going to rehearse the first of the three marathons – a little 26.2 mile jog into the night from Worthing to Slinfold (Horsham) up the Surrey Downslink. If I’m still alive on Sunday I’ll be reporting on everything from blister management to the aches and pains of serious distance on 2 old blokes pushing 60!

So, what about the main event? We’re setting off on Saturday 20th June, midsummer’s day, from Worthing Hospital.

78.6 miles later (that’s 26.2 + 26.2 + 26.2 in the spirit of the 26 campaign – or exactly 126 km if you prefer!), we will arrive at the home of the charity, Odiham. Along the way we will be tipping our sweaty hats to The Royal Surrey Hospital and Frimley Park Hospital – the two newest recruits to the group of 12 hospitals feeding Robbie’s Rehab at Southampton.

To make navigation simple – and in order to stay off roads and on paths 99% of the time, we will be following the Surrey Downslink, the River Wey South path and finally the Odiham Canal towpath.

Quick update on the service:

Robbie’s Rehab, having completed a three year pilot trial, was due to be commissioned as a fully-fledged NHS department at Southampton this June. Due to COVID-19, we have decided to extend charity funding for another year. In the meantime, it is great to know that Robbie’s Rehab has been shown to have sufficient clinical integrity to be accepted into the everyday NHS pathway for kids with brain tumours. We are immensely proud of the hard work of our doctors, nurses and therapists for proving this to be the case.

So please take a moment to have a look at our Just Giving page and sponsor us to help kids with brain tumours in the South of England Thank you!